super sibsWe have recently set up our Super Sibs group to help our siblings get to know each other better, to set up better support networks for the future. Over time, our children’s siblings will be ambassadors and awareness-raisers, and together they will be stronger. But for now, they are having fun getting together and eating pizza!

We had a competition to design the groups logo – and the winner was this fab star logo by Max, aged six.

What the kids say

Maia says: “I enjoy meeting up with my friends because we get to talk about anything. I like to go to different places to meet up such as bowling. I like that super sibs is a special time for us kids.”

Jacob says: “I love Super Sibs because I get to do things with my friends that I don’t always get chance to do.”

Elijah says: “I liked playing rounders and I want to go to laser zone next. We are a gang and we have lots of fun.”