Our group thrives because of the network of peer support built up between parents. Whatever you need, someone from the group will try to help you. We are always working on new projects to offer more help in more ways, and we can provide information about the local services that provide professional support if needed.

New parent contact

We have a designated new parent contact, who is able to help families who have just received a diagnosis – contact Jo on 07976 637 022 or [email protected].

Facebook group

We have a closed Facebook group just for local parents/carers of a person with Down’s syndrome – this busy and interesting forum is where people introduce themselves, ask questions and share information, knowing that it’s just between local people with that very special thing in common. Families are able to use the page to keep in touch when they need or want to, in between Saturday club or other events, and to share achievements and special occasions as well as any concerns or questions they have. If you request to join, an admin will be in touch to add you as soon as possible.

One parent describes the group like this: “Our Facebook page is a wonderful medium for new parents to link in and access instant support. The welcoming responses from other parents are both heart-warming and genuine, and parents know that if they have a worry or concern, there will be a flurry of helpful advice.”

Saturday Club

Our Saturday club is a fantastic way to put faces to the names on the Facebook group and to meet other families – everyone is welcome, whether you come along every session, or just drop in when you can. Most of the session isn’t structured, to allow everyone the freedom to meet and chat, and there are always people around to introduce you or play with your little ones if you need a helping hand. Click here to find out more about it.